Blackjack Rules

Blackjack Rules

The game

The game of Blackjack takes place primarily between the dealer and the player, through a deck of cards and chips are bet in a hand and the other to determine the winner’s prize. It does not matter how many players sit down at the table, bets are always the player and the dealer.

The aim of the game is to reach the highest score with the cards that are dealt without going over 21. The value of the cards from 2 to 10 totaled their nominal score (the one present on the card). The ace however can be 1 or 11 to the player’s choice. The figures instead apply all 10. Blackjack is to obtain an Ace plus a figure.

It starts by focusing the amount bet at the table. 2 face-up cards are dealt during the first hand to the player and two cards to the dealer, one covered. Before launching the second round the player can choose whether to seek another card keeping the stakes or doubling it, and alternatively stay on the same score of the first two cards.

If the first two cards are the same ie: (4:04) you can run the split that divides their cards on the table. This way you will have two separate files to play on for 21.

Then there is the case where the counter reaches an ace in the first hand, that could turn into Blackjack with the second card. When this happens you can request an “insurance”, which in the case in which the dealer will win back half the amount wagered.


A very popular strategy in Blackjack is to count cards. But it needs to apply it can also exert a good deal in this memory me. It is basically to remember which cards have already outputs from the deck to evaluate those that might come out later, and then adjust with the call of the next card. To remember all the cards serve an iron memory and not everyone can, or you can roughly remember if they are already out low or high numbers. Even this method can benefit the player than the dealer enough.