Guide To Online Casino Bonus

Almost all online casinos to attract attention to himself, offering the possibility to play with additional credits to those deposited. Some come to also offer five times the amount paid up to a few thousand euro. Someone often asked whether there are any “disappointments” behind all this, the answer is that there are online casino serious and others less. Before proceeding with a possible deposit is therefore well informed and read what are the conditions to be able to collect a win.


The Playthrouh is the wagering requirements and is a very important factor to take into account before depositing any money to get bonuses. These requirements need not to abuse the additional credits made available.

What are these requirements?

In general, in order to cash a win it is necessary to reach a certain volume of game that corresponds to the amount of bets in relation to Playthrough percentage.

For example: The value of the bets (playthrough) is 18 times the bonus amount. If the player receives a bonus of 100 €, you will have to wager a value of € 100×18 = 1800 before you can collect € 100 extra bonus. This does not mean losing deposit or 100 €, but simply generate a volume of bets equal to 1800 € through the game bets.


This type of bonus allows groped their luck without risking anything. The bonus is credited at registration and you can start playing right away. It is usually a bonus which consists of a few tens of euro to allow you to try out the online casino games. It must be mentioned that in order to cash out any winnings still have to generate a minimum clearance volume and make at least one deposit. Among the online casino that offer a no deposit bonus, NetBet in Italy is one of the most popular casino.


Players who attend regularly halls casino, they can get benefits depending on the VIP level reached. The level is calculated by the system depending on the volume of play (amount of bets). The higher the VIP level achieved, the more prizes and additional bonuses. For illustrative purposes we report the VIP bonus of William Hill, but please note that bonus, scores and gifts can vary from casino to casino.